El instrumento de adquisición de datos KMDA-2702 ayuda a la detección ambiental

El instrumento de adquisición de datos KMDA-2702 ayuda a la detección ambiental

Environmental protection is an important topic in the world. In China, a few years ago, in order to monitor the pollution emissions of enterprises in their jurisdictions  effectively, environmental protection departments at all levels have begun to use online monitoring systems to monitor the sewage  emissions, exhaust gas and noise of related enterprises and the operation of environmental protection facilities in real time.

   Application topology--online monitoring system for sewage disposal  

  System Components  

1、Measurement and control equipment: electromagnetic flowmeter, COD online analyzer, ammonia nitrogen meter, toxic gas sensor, PH sensor and solenoid valve

2、Monitoring equipment: data acquisition instrument for sewage disposal (KMDA-2702 embedded box computer + ALAD series display)

3、Communication network: mobile GPRS-private network and environmental protection encrypted wide area network

4、Monitoring center: environmental protection database, remote monitoring system software for sewage discharge


Hardware requirement of data acquisition instrument

1. The data acquisition instrument is installed on the site of the discharge port, the environment is harsh, and it must have certain protection capabilities
2. Uninterrupted operation for a long time to ensure the continuity of monitoring and reduce maintenance costs
3.Multiple communication methods to meet the requirement that data can be reported normally under different conditions
4. Meet the requirements of 《HJ477-2009 Data Acquisition and Transmission Instrument》




  • Universal Aluminum Chassis, Fanless Design
  • Intel Baytrail Celeron J1900 2.0-2.42G CPU
  • 1*DDR3L 1333 MHz SODIMM , Up to 8GB
  • 3*Intel I211-AT PCIe Gig LAN
  • 1*HDMI and 1*VGA, Audio Line out and Mic
  • 1*USB3.0, 6*USB2.0,10*COM, 16 bit DIO
  • 1*Mini PCIe(PCIe+USB),1*Mini PCIe(SATA+USB)
  • 1*2.5" SATA2 Bay and 1*mSATA
  • DC 9~36V Wide Power Input

Intel Celeron J1900 CPU, 3*LAN, 7*USB, 10*COM, HDMI and VGA, DC-IN 9~36V,CPU Temp. show in LED, Audio Line out & Mic, 16-bit DIO.

Intel Celeron J1900 CPU,4*LAN,7*USB,6*COM, HDMI and VGA, DC-IN 9~36v,CPU Temp. show in LED,Audio Line out & Mic,24 bit DIO.


Intel® Skylake-;/Kabylake-U CPU, 3*LAN, 6*)53, *USB, 8-bOt DI5, J[al K
JOYVlay, :63, O<Vro teINnoloMy, DC-IN 9~30<, )6; :KSV YNU] OT 2+*

Intel® Skylake-U CPU, 3*LAN, 4*POE, 6*COM, 9*USB, 16bit Iso. DIO, dual 4K display, TPM2.0, iVpro technology, DC-IN 9~30V, CPU Temp. show in LED.