Gestión de propiedades inteligente, promoción de la construcción de comunidades inteligentes

Gestión de propiedades inteligente, promoción de la construcción de comunidades inteligentes

Since the concept of smart community was put forward, it has been continuous development in recent years. "Smart community" is a "cell" of the "Smart City". It is the new situation that fully utilizes the Internet and the Internet of Things to cover smart buildings, smart homes, video surveillance, health care, property management, digital life, energy management and many other The intelligent management system in the field integrates the humanistic, life, and economic environment of the community to form a new community management model based on massive information and intelligent processing, making people's work and life more convenient, comfortable, safe and efficient. How to judge whether a community meets the smart community standards is divided into four categories: smart property management, e-commerce services, smart elderly services, and smart homes. Building a smart community, smart property is an indispensable part of it.

01    The necessity and characteristic of smart property


——Why to choose JHCTECH solution?

JHCTECH has been deeply involved in the Internet of Things for many years, focusing on the difficulty of property management: inefficient management, high costs, and poor service quality. The solution has been successfully serve various fields of smart property.

Overall application ideas:

In-depth detailing of all aspects of property management after the division, and propose different application schemes, collect service data, visitor data, parking data, payment data, etc. to the property management platform, perform calculations and analysis according to different needs, and help smart property integration Operation management system makes management more intelligent.

02     Application(Vanke Property)

A、 Property to access control

1、Unattended guard box, AB double door entry to prevent trailing

2、 Large-screen commercial advertising

3、Multi-function home entry: owner card/person identification, real-time QR code sharing for relatives and friends

 Application topology diagram


Applicable product features (embedded box computer SCC-3116//KMDA-3230)
The body is light and thin, which can meet the narrow scene environment of the turnstile;
7*24h uninterrupted work, high reliability;

Rich I/O function interface, 6*COM, 3*LAN, 8-bit DIO

B、Smart parking lot

1、Multifunctional toll parking lot function:

Self-service scan code payment, ETC label deduction, vehicle access control;

2、Intelligent management in parking lot:

On-site traffic guidance, intelligent monitoring and alerting



 Adapt to product characteristics (box computer KMDA-2620):


Compact structure size;


Powerful video processing capabilities;


Integrated cutting-edge multimedia hardware acceleration


Smart property will enter a new era under the leadership of 5g, and it is still in a valuation trend. Realize the smart community system-the "three-life harmony" living mode of production, life, and ecology under the mode of the Internet of Things to meet people's needs for a better life. In terms of application expansion, realize the smart community anytime, anywhere, on-demand, and random.The popularization of smart applications is still in the "time window" period.

Intel® Apollolake Soc CPU, 4*LAN, 6*COM, 7*USB, 8-bit DIO, dual 4K display,
DC-IN 9~36V, CPU Temp. show in LED, Compact design.

Intel® Whiskey lake U CPU, 2-CH DDR4, 1*HDMI, 1*DP, 5*G-LAN, 5*COM, 4*USB3.1 , 2*USB2.0, DC 9~36V

Intel® Coffee Lake-RLGA1151 CPU, Dual-GPU, Multi-channel memory, DC power supply, with Modular I/O Expansion Design