Equip medical equipment with an “intelligent brain”

Equip medical equipment with an “intelligent brain”


At present, intelligent terminals, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and embedded devices have completely revolutionized the way of data collection and using. JHCTECH follow the trend of smart medical treatment’ s revolution,keeps searching for creativity and breakthrough in intelligent manufacturing, uses IOT thinking and express medical data in an understandable way. Open new medical wisdom with intellectualization of equipment.


01  Cases sharing
A medical automation equipment manufacturer use JHCTECH KMDA series  embedded industrial computer, which is applied to the self-developed and automated chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer,to help the system run smarter . (Brief introduction :The chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer is a kind of medical examination instrument , which  through testing the patient ’s serum and other liquid samples, thereby perform immune analysis for  human body.) KMDA series  embedded industrial computer are widely used in hospital laboratories for quantitative analysis of blood samples, molecular concentrations to be measured, etc., and finally print data reports to assist in data parameters required for clinical diagnosis.

   02 Application principles  
In the automatic chemiluminescence immune analyzer system , KMDA series  embedded industrial computer  is connected to the counting unit, temperature and humidity sensor, servo driver, and USB high-definition camera, spectrum scanner, ultrasonic system, and data acquisition system through serial port .Collect and analyze data, print the relevant analysis data report and other information in real time through the printer, and upload the relevant data to the  software server in real time for backups. JHCTECH's KMDA series computers are widely used in  specialty clinics,emergency departments, and other laboratories   in industries  to improve the accuracy of data analysis and automated processes.
   03  Solutions   
Application topology

  04 Application characteristics  

Long-term stability, win-win
Response to modification of standard product quickly(OOBM)
The structure IO interface can be set according to the site layout
Customized quantities in batches, prompt delivery
Appearance, quality, software support, prototypes test application effect won customer's trust

Intel® Whiskey lake U CPU, 2-CH DDR4, 1*HDMI, 1*DP, 5*G-LAN, 5*COM, 4*USB3.1 , 2*USB2.0, DC 9~36V