Embedded PC KMDA-3202 for visual positioning system

Embedded PC KMDA-3202 for visual positioning system

What is machine vision?

Machine vision is used for measurement and judgment by using machines instead of human eyes. The automatic recognition of machine vision can complete many highly repeatable detections on the production line, greatly improving the detection efficiency and accuracy. JHCTECH‘s R&D experts predict that machine vision will be further opened in the future.

Disadvantages of traditional manual positioning

(1) Positioning a single product for a long time and workers' eyes are easily fatigued, easily affected by emotions, so that positioning results are difficult to guarantee;
(2) Each worker may have different standard for judging the accuracy of the same type of positioning, so it is difficult to ensure high-quality;
(3) The manual positioning speed is slow and it is difficult to meet the production positioning requirements of the high-speed production line

Machine vision allows machines to understand the world

Machine vision has advantages such as high efficiency, high precision, strong stability, adaptability to hazardous environments, and wide photosensitive range. With the continuous extension of industrial automation, machine vision is widely used in industry. Shenzhen Jihecheng Technology Co., Ltd. R&D experts said that robot vision applications are mainly manifested in four aspects:

1. Guidance and positioning: The machine vision system is required to be able to quickly and accurately find the tested part and confirm its position. The machine vision is used for loading and unloading to position and guide the mechanical arm to accurately grasp. In the field of semiconductor packaging, equipment needs to adjust the pickup head according to the chip position information obtained by machine vision, accurately pick up the chip and bind it, which is the most basic application of visual positioning in the field of machine vision industry.
2. Appearance testing: Testing the quality of products on the production line, replaceing the most labor.
3. High-precision detection: Some products have high precision, reaching 0.01~0.02m or even to u level. It must be done by machine, if the human eye cannot detect it.
4. Recognition: Use machine vision to process, analyze and understand the image to recognize various modes of targets and objects.


Advantages of visual positioning system

  • High positioning accuracy;
  • The positioning result is reliable and stable;
  • Fast positioning speed;
  • Can work for a long time, to run 24 hours a day;
  • The communication protocol is rich and supports various fieldbus protocols such as PROFIBUS and PROFINET
System composition
Front-end information collection system;
HD area scan camera;
High-resolution industrial lens;
Ring light source
The information center processing system takes the embedded computer KMDA-3202 as the core and supplemented by intelligent analysis algorithms to guide the mechanical arm to operate;
Applicable scenarios: PCB chip installation, PCB dispensing, mobile phone manufacturing, etc.

KMDA-3202 solution in visual positioning system

4 USB3.0, 7 network ports,4 network ports with POE function are optional , adapt to various camera interfaces on site;

Intel skylake-U CPU, low power consumption, fanless heat dissipation design, suitable for industrial environment;
Support Intel iVpro technology and TPM2.0 security encryption to protect data security;
HDMI+DP dual 4K display output;
16-bit isolated DIO + 8-bit DIO, strong anti-interference ability, meet the needs of industrial sites;
DC 9~36V, with over current, over voltage, short circuit, reverse connection protection, safe to use.

Intel® Skylake-U CPU, 3*LAN, 4*POE, 6*COM, 9*USB, 16bit Iso. DIO, dual 4K display, TPM2.0, iVpro technology, DC-IN 9~30V, CPU Temp. show in LED.


Intel® Whiskey lake U CPU, 2-CH DDR4, 1*HDMI, 1*DP, 5*G-LAN, 5*COM, 4*USB3.1 , 2*USB2.0, DC 9~36V

Intel® Coffee Lake-RLGA1151 CPU, Dual-GPU, Multi-channel memory, DC power supply, with Modular I/O Expansion Design