JHCTECH‘ SIGM series helps vehicle brake health detection, ensuring safe driving system

JHCTECH‘ SIGM series helps vehicle brake health detection, ensuring safe driving system

The advanced rail transportation equipment industry is one of the ten key development areas of "Made in China 2025". Maglev trains have become one of the main development goals of different countries. Maglev trains, as a high-tech rail transportation tool, have been used in our country and accumulated application experience for many years. In January 2003, China's first maglev train began to operate in Shanghai, and in 2016 China's first maglev train with completely independent intellectual property rights also officially began operation. For any vehicle, safety is the primary consideration. The reliability of the train's braking system determines the safety of the train to a large extent. JHCTECH assists the hardware health inspection system of the maglev train's braking system to protect the safety of the train.


Application Project Overview

The magnetic levitation braking system hardware health inspection system, as the top priority of the maglev train safety, performs real-time monitoring and intelligent analysis of the operating conditions of the hardware equipment of the whole vehicle, and uploads all the inspection data and analysis results to the ground center control room in real time. Assist the central control room to timely and safely investigate the hardware abnormalities of the braking system, instead of manual point-to-point detection, while ensuring the safe operation of the train, it also ensures that the abnormal problems of the hardware equipment can be solved quickly; the SIGM-3250-S002 on-board controller of JHCTECH is plays a vital role in this project.


Working Principle of SIGM-3250-S002

1. During the operation of train, the brake system controller monitors the train brake system hardware in real time

2. The brake system controller uploads the collected information to the on-board controller SIGM-3250-S002, and the on-board controller analyzes the collected information and analyzes the train brake system hardware through the equipped brake system hardware inspection software system to check it operating normally or not.

3. The vehicle-mounted controller SIGM-3250-S002 uploads the results of the information analysis to the ground service center.

4. The ground service center makes corresponding based on the results and issues them to the on-board controller, which then issues the on-board controller to the brake system controller to take corresponding actions.



In the moving train, the safety and reliability of the special computer for its control system are extremely stringent. Excellent shock resistance and shock resistance are essential for the track system, and the track vehicle is often operating at variable temperatures environment, this means that all application computers must support a wide operating temperature. At the same time, it is also facing the challenge of sudden voltage surge when the vehicle starts or stops. Therefore, all equipment must support wide power input. SIGM-3250 is a fanless ruggedized vehicle-mounted computer with E-mark vehicle certification and EN50155 iron certification. It is suitable for road vehicles and intelligent rail transit system industry applications.

With the continuous development of rail transit in China, JHCTECH is also keeping up with the trend of the times, actively responding to the call of the country, and constantly innovating in rail transit to meet the development needs of rail transit. We believed that after the maglev technology is widely used in the future, JHCTECH's industry solutions will also be applied in more projects. JHCTECH will  also continue to provide more and high quality solutions for the industry.

Intel® Apollo Lake E3950 CPU, 1*LAN, 2*POE, 2*USB3.0, DP, VGA, Smart Display,2*COM, 8-bit Iso.DIO, DC 9~36V, ITPSmanagement, Optional DC 48/72/110V input.


Intel® Skylake/Kabylake-U CPU, 2*LAN, 4*POE, 2*USB3.0, DP, VGA, Smart Display, 2*Iso. COM, 8-bit Iso.DIO, EN50155 Certification.